GIAHOL Car Air Purifier - The Zen Home Office GIAHOL Car Air Purifier - The Zen Home Office
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Negative Ion Generators: Ozone-free.Allows to sterilizate and clean air continously, efficiently remove and isolate dust and common household allergens from the air. WHISPER-QUIET OPERATION: The sound is just the most beautiful even hushed noise. It's almost non-existent on low and perfect white noise maker on high. GESTURE SENSING,DIGITAL DISPLAY and Aluminium Alloy Body:infrared sensor by hand gesture for powering on/off and setting 2 speed (Low and High). PORTABLE AND COMPACT: Perfect fit in car cupholder,freshing "New car" smell and other irritant odors,every 10 minutes would filter all the air in the car.The compact size make it perfect for any small area such as Desktop,Kitchens,Pet Room and Bedroom. Package Included:1 x Air Purifier with Filter; 1 x USB Cable; 1 x User Manual     Specification: - Voltage: car charger /5V -  Power source: Vehicle power/USB - Anion density: 10,000,000pcs/cm3 - Low Noise: le35db - Remove PM2.5 efficiency: ge99% - Remove formaldehyde efficiency: ge90% - Remove TVOC(Total Volatile Organic Compounds): ge90% - Purifier Method: Primary Filter + HEPA Filter + Activated carbon
Home and Office Portable HEPA Purifier - The Zen Home Office Home and Office Portable HEPA Purifier - The Zen Home Office
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Portable HEPA Air Purifier with Negative Ion. GL-2103, Small (2.0W) with Strong Clean Power   Reduce Dust, Pollen, PM2.5, VOC's, Formaldehydy, Odor, Smoke, Bacteria Increase Negative ion, Oxygen content   The entire air purifier consists of an advanced filter, with millions of ultrathin fibers of different sizes in differenta layers Using both mechanical and electrostatic filtration, the filter catches virtually every airborne contaminanto downto a virus in size. Active carbon removes odors, gases and VOCs.   Protection of Breathing HEPA Impregnated Activated Carbon Filters remove Airbones, Odors, Pollens, VOCs, Formaldehyde in theroom.   No hassle in your castle Intuitive one-button control means that Coronwater is incredibly easy to use. Just plug it in and turn it on. Your first touch on the single button automatically sets it to the recommended mode. Furthermore, filter change is super simple and makes even lower noise than human breathing!   Accompany during the Night Set up Sleep Mode, Noise less than 30 dB. It brings quite and clean air through all night. Soft & comfortable light   HOW TO USE Connect cable to USB power. Press button one time to turn on air purifier, blue light lighting. Mode #1 = constant running Press button second time to enter sleep mode, soft of lighting with 8 hours automatically turn off. Mode #2 sleep mode= 8 hours timer running with lower wind and noise. Press button again to turn off air purifier. This filter is USB portable connection, low power request to work this device. so it is flexible and fits to any possible place and save engery. Air purifier has two modes, constant and 8 hours time working. Fan speed is various under different mode.